Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Payment Is Due (Request Cap)

Jack was your typical con man. tricking casual citizens to big time money makers. Jack had conned his way across the country but this one in particular may just be his last. On his way to his hotel room in Vegas he spotted a show girl and being the sly con man he is, gave the show girl a necklace claiming it's real gold. After she had found out it wasn't and turned her neck green. Angry, she uttered some Latin words and stormed off. Confused, Jack left to his room. Feeling tired he drew himself a hot bath. As the water touched his skin, he fell into a deep sleep After a while upon waking up, Jack felt a weird sensation where his dick should be. "What the? what happened to me?!" questioned Jack covering his mouth hearing his new voice. After quick inspection, he noticed that his whole body has been turned into that of a busty show girl. "How could this be?" Just then Jack spots a bottle of champagne and his eyes lit up. "Well now, can't let this tasty thing go to waste." Unbeknownst to Jack, his new body has a few more surprises in stored for him as he will be a show girl and escort to some sleazy con man.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Rocking Your World- Request

Long time friends Matt and Randy were fans of the hit cartoon The Flintstones ever since they were kids. Their college was hosting a costume party and the theme is caveman. "We need costumes for this party dude. I can't wait to get my party on." Matt said excited. "I got it all covered." Randy said tossing a suit at Matt. They were costumes but not what Matt would've thought. "Female bodysuits?" "Yeah man, the shop were out of male ones so he gave me the next best thing." Randy said putting it on. Within moments, there was no trace of Randy left but a tall redhead with a big pearl necklace. "Whoah!! you look...hot" "I know" Randy said twirling around. As Matt placed himself inside the suit, his whole body shifted to fit the suit and within moments, he was a woman. "Oh wow..this feels nice." he said admiring his new face. "It gets better my friend." Randy said as he pushed Matt down onto the bed and started to rub his new clit. "Ohhhhh...th-that feels..so-so gooood..." moaned Matt as he grabbed his breast. "Forget about the party. tonight i'm gonna rock your world" giggled Randy as he continued licking Matt's nether lips.   

Thursday, August 17, 2017

A Leap In Time (Request cap)

Mark (15) was a proud scientist who specializes in inventing weird futuristic technology. One day he had created a mobile time machine able to transfer himself into any time he puts in but only inside of a random persons body to blend in with that specific era. He decided to try the timeline of the year 1884. As Mark dialed in the time and hit start, he was soon blinded with a red light. Next thing he heard was loud cars honking and a warm sun beaming on him. "Whew, that was a-" he cut himself off at the sound of his voice. "Where am I and why am i a woman?" unbeknownst to young Mark but he had been placed inside of his mothers body in the 80's but not just in her body but pregnant as well. "Holy crap this is insane. I can't be pregnant! I don't have a clue as to how to give birth!" he shouted frantically.  As he tried to get back to his own time and body he forgot that he had set the transporter to a whole year and from the look of his belly his due date is sure to come. "This really sucks." Mark said while carefully walking not wanting to fall due to his new center of gravity.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

A Rude Awakening ( Request Cap)

Upon waking up, Alan had no idea what happened to him. Before he had blacked out he was at a bar with his buddies when he met this hot blonde woman. As a gentleman he insisted on buying her a drink which she gladly accepted. after a bit of talking, she had slipped something in his glass then walked away. After that experience he soon got drowsy and fell asleep. Now upon waking up he noticed some changes to himself and his surroundings. his body was drastically changed to that of a woman and in what looked like bondage. Not being able to talk or scream for help all that came out were muffles and moans which was due to a vibrator wand rubbing against his new clit. "Welcome to your punishment Alan or shall i say Alice." cooed a woman standing nearby. it was the woman from the bar. "As soon as you're done prepping, I'll have you ready for the main course." she said as she gently lifted her dress and to Alice's surprise was an immensely big rod which absentmindedly made Alice's new body to grow wet. She was in for a rude awakening in her punishment.   

Monday, July 3, 2017

A Hoppers Adventure 2

"Well hello again girls. you miss me?" Mark said in his new feminine voice. Just last week he had practiced using his new powers to hop into different people's bodies by testing it out on his mom fooling his family entirely. He then decided to try and go far with his ability by thinking of his sisters friend Ashley. It was real easy for him to do that since he seen her come over yesterday. "Wow, i can't get enough of the rush i get when i hop a girls body hahaha." Mark said while tugging at his workout bra. "Time to go for a run eh Ashley? 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Magic Stones 6- Finale


Ohhh.. where is it? where is that stone. I figured using that dark red stone would be fun but now; I can't be stuck looking like this!! I mean, true it was fun looking like this but, being a 20 something woman for the rest of my life, no thanks. You have to help me find it Jack. "But is it really so bad? that dress fits you so well and you do look hot." Haha..you think so? Maybe this won't b so bad after all.

Monday, June 5, 2017

A Dolly Time

My grandmother loved Dolly Parton with a passion. She owned all her records and had autographed portraits of her from when she was young. I never understood her love of a country singer so i just asked her and she responded with "Give it a listen dear". handed me a a record and i left after that. That was 8 years ago during that time my grandmother passed away leaving me with just her old record collection as well as her autographed record by Dolly Parton. I decided to listen to it couldn't be all bad right? As soon as i blew dust off it and started playing it my vision blurred and i blacked out.

I awoke later with a loud engine sound. As i look up i noticed something felt off. I looked at my hands and gasped in shock. I was a woman but not just any woman; i appeared to b in Dolly's body but during the 1960's i guess as part of her tour. "Hey Dolly we have to get moving. We're heading to Cincinnati next." Yelled who looked to be her manager. Boy i hope this is just a crazy dream.

So turns out it wasn't a dream and it's been a whole 10 years since i became Dolly Parton. And surprisingly i seem to have adapted to this situation. I'll admit it was pretty hard going from a 18 year old guy to a 20 something woman stuck in the 1970s. But i adapt. I even took a break from that music thing but before that i did meet my grandmother her during one of my concerts. She was really young it was adorable. Guess i can;t call her my grandmother anymore since i no longer exists. I'm all Dolly now.

Its been quite some time since i had any real dating ever since my time jump so i was at a lost at what to do with my new hormones with my friend and long time roady Matt. "I think you look very sexy in that babe." i blushed hard at that and pounced right on him in pure lust. Another reason why i love being my sexy Dolly body, the sex life is amazing.

Alongside my music career i took it upon myself to do a little radio networking. Matt was against it but i convinced him that it was a better opportunity than riding across the country doing music. Turns out, i was born for radio.

I can safely say that my life was quite interesting to say the least. I had to adapt at a new lifestyle and gender. Not to mention time gap. I never once went to college, married, got a job, or seen my friends and family after becoming this. Although they might not remember me but that's okay. I've learned to love my new life and all its glory. Oh, seems like the interview is over. I thank you Jimmy for having me on here tonight. I would hug you but my big boobs might make it difficult haha.

(My first shot at a long caption series. Hope you all enjoy. Let me know in the comments)  

Friday, May 26, 2017

The Magic Stones 5

It's been a week since last i used one of those pesky stones. Hard to believe that being in that blonde form seemed to feel really good but i decided to change back since i didn't have control of any of my actions due to that crazy sex drive. So now i chose a weird rectangular one and wham! I look like this now. I'm glad my girlfriend is out of town or else i would have to come up with another excuse as to how many women are coming and going out of the house. Wait..is that Derrick? why is he here? and why is he staring at my butt? Yes i know i have a cute little ass but..hey! don't take off your pants..well..since you're here and all and..I'm like this for like a few weeks..lets do it! hope your well hung like the girls said at the mall.

A Hoppers Adventure

"My god..mom er- I look hot." Mark said to himself while snapping a picture of himself. Mark isn't your average teenager. Deep down his family tree lay a small group of family members with the gift of hopping into another persons body. This ability of his came to light just on his 15th birthday. Without knowing, Mark's essence left his body and he began wondering the halls until his mom bumped into his soul which he then slipped right inside her. As his mom convulsed and vision came back to Mark, he now saw his own mothers reflection. "I must say..these boobs are pretty fun to look at...and play with." Mark said cupping one of his boobs in his new aged hand. "Bet i can fun with this little power. Seems like she was getting ready for bed and from the looks of this gown..i say she was ready to really unwind," he said with a sly grin, Marks adventure just began right here. 

Friday, May 12, 2017

Well Adjusted

"Mmmm.. I didn't know that i would love tea so much. I have to hand it to Rachel for doing this to me." David chimed. David and his wife Rachel loved almost anything that can bring their relationship to the next level. It just so happens that they uncovered the infamous reversal rings and in turn swapped their bodies. This was a year ago and David still lives on in his wife's body. "Turns out getting pregnant is a key way to getting stuck in our bodies babe." Rachel said while rubbing her husband now wife's stomach. "Yea..but i feel very good about it. And i bet our daughter is going to be a great addition to our lives."

A Special Gift

"Hey baby show me some more of that sexy body!!" ugh..you know i wasn't always like this. Just a few weeks ago my friend Elle had sent me some sort of potion she was working on. Said it would give me a special outlook on life but not like this. Big tits, plump lips and this over sexed body. It was hard for me to get a regular job so i decided to get one as a porn star model thus bringing us back to here now. "Wendy when we're done here you have a special visitor here for you." And who would that be? Wait, is that Elle?! 

Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Magic Stones 4

I'm telling you the truth it's really me in here. I picked up a odd looking stone and it turned me into this so i decided to take advantage of the situation. Not my fault that your boyfriend walked in on me while pleasuring myself and we ended up doing it. I'm positive i had nothing to do with that encounter. Now please hand me the stone back so i can turn back Lisa.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A Sexual Exploration ( Guest Cap)

( From the creative and sexy mind of Elle-Jae. Be sure to check out her blog viewers

"... "Seriously, dude!?!" came the deep voice from the pretty lips of the busty beauty. "You know that it's me; your male friend, L.J. in this body, right, Devin?" ... "Yeah, man. But those titties are amazing, man! You haven't even stopped playing with them since your transformation finished. And your face is so pretty, bro!" replied the man standing across the room. ... "I cannot believe you're so turned-on by me, man! But that bulg... What the hell are you doing, dude?!" ... "Just offering you what it looks like your body could use," said the man in a man's body as he pulled his cock out. ... "Fucking-A, man! You're already hard just looking at me?!" exclaimed the man in the woman's body as his friend stepped closer, unable to ignore the heat building inside his dampening pussy, before adding, "Look, Devin, I won't deny that I want to know what having my pussy fucked will feel like, but don't even think about cumming there...Okay!?" ...So, after several minutes of vigorous, vaginal verification in various & sundry position - and not a few grunting climaxes for the female male - Devin could no longer restrain himself. ... "Okay, bro! I gotta blow my load, like now!" The speed with which Elle-Jae hopped off his friend's pulsing pecker was remarkable! As was the volume of jizz that Devin spewed into his friend's pretty mouth and over his heaving breasts! ..."Hmnghlhurplhmnhm...SchluuP... Well, at least you kept it out of my pussy so, thanks for that dude! But, just to balance thing out here, why don;t you clean your mess off my tits!?" 

Saturday, April 15, 2017

A One Time Thing

"Holy crap. Did we just-" asked Sean. "Have sex? yep and i'm not gonna lie, it was incredible." said Chris breathing in satisfaction. Both friends Sean and Chris weren't like this to begin with. They were once college students on their way to becoming top game designers but then the Great Shift swept over the nation causing multiple people to swap bodies with others around the globe causing mayhem and hysteria. Most of everyone weren't happy except Sean and Chris. While Sean was still male when he swapped Chris however wasn't. He got swapped with a girl from Las Vegas. It took them a month before they were able to see each other again due to the fact that airlines stopped working until the whole swap was revised. Soon, they did meet and it was an instant click for them as their new bodies were attracted to each other."This...was just a one time thing ok." said Sean while looking up at the ceiling. "Agreed."  Chris said. While they said that they both smiled at each other and Chris thinking how great it felt and hoping that this isn't just a one time thing

My Time As Amy 2

Well hello there my dears. Sorry i haven't been active over past weeks; after my first hop inside Amy i couldn't help myself to further enjoy this new experience. I been hopping back and forth in her body after classes. It's like my second body haha. Right now i'm at a hotel she was at and i hopped her just in time to relax. I just love how this dress really shows my  huge tits. Oh, i see my next one night stand. Ta-ta for now my peeps enjoy your day, i know i will *giggle*

Friday, March 24, 2017

A New Experience

"Wow this is so unreal! I'm inside Jennifer's body." Seth said surprised. Seth was your average nerd. but seemed to have a huge crush on Jennifer the school's captain on the girls swim team. Try as he might, he just couldn't get her to notice him. As he was walking through the halls he had spotted Jennifer walking to the girls locker room getting ready when suddenly he felt his whole being being pulled by itself and to Jennifer. As he screamed in a panic Jennifer turned just in time to where Seth was flung right inside of her body. As she convulsed, Seth regained his new eyesight to Jennifer's friend Sasha snapping her fingers at her. "Hey Jen snap out of it. We're gonna be late for practice." 'Oh uh..right. lets go." Seth said while pawing at his new chest. "This could be an amazing experience. I better not blow my cover." thought Seth.

Monday, March 13, 2017

A Friends Program Part 2

A big thanks for my friend Elle-Jay for sending me this second part of my caption of A Friends Program. Be sure to check her blog out peeps http://w8z2x4m.blogspot.com.au/?m=1

Friday, March 3, 2017

A Long Afternoon 5: Finale

"OOOHHHH YESSS!!! More..fill me more.." moaned Chris. When Josh walked in on Chris earlier pleasuring himself he had took the apparent Sandra with him to the bedroom for some action but Chris in mid lust wanted him now more than ever and soon,, Chris was on top letting Josh's hard member sink deep into his wet vulva feeling the warmth of his shaft inside him. "I..can't..be-believe this..f-feels sooo goood." Chris moaned as he reached his third orgasm, As Josh cum inside Chris, his field of vision blurs as he was filled with Josh's hot seed he passed out from the orgasm later to wake up back in his room but which room.

A friends Program

When Elle showed me this new software on her computer called Shape-me i was a little worried about it. That was until i tested it out and gave myself bigger muscles and thin instead of fat. Then i got curious and decided to change my gender along with bigger sized breast, long hair, and the whole sex appeal. Though my mind is still a guys mind, i can't help but think how hot i look. Oh, there's Elle's friend Ben; why is my pussy getting wet?

Saturday, February 25, 2017

My Time As Amy

Good day my viewers. As you can see I'm inside the very own Amy. I realized that Chris can't have all the fun in the story loving it up in her body so i took the time to practice that spell he had and went to take her body for a test drive myself. I must say i really do love these big jugs hahaha. I will still do more with her and Chris in the future but meanwhile, I'm gonna explore this body to its fullest on my own. Ta-ta for now.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

A Bet's A Bet

"Simon!! what on earth are you doing?!" shouted Anna in her young boy voice. "Oh, I'm just having some wine and taking a nice bubble bath before my date with Rick.." Simon said as he downed the last of his drink. "Wait you're what?!" Anna asked shocked. "That's right. We have to keep up appearances don't we?" Simon said rubbing his tits. Both Simon and  his mom Anna decided to make a bet to see who could do who's life better. Anna couldn't keep up with Simon's classes and getting in trouble by bullies aside from Simon as he enjoyed being his mom in working at her job and not having to go to school. "But you can't, that was supposed to be my date." Anna said tears forming. "Oh silly Simon, boys don't date other boys. Now let your mother finish her bath now ok?" Simon said as he waved off his crying mother. "I'm never giving this body back anytime soon. It feels so nice in here. I gotta get Rick to come in me to seal me in here." Thought Simon.

The Magic Stones 3

I can't believe it. Just yesterday I had used another of my stones; it was a nice deep red color and i was soon looking like one of my mom's friends. Thinking it was cool i tried to meet up with her and see how this new perspective treats me. Imagine my surprise when i started to get a pain in my stomach. Turns out i have a period and now i can't change back until this cycle is over. What's worse, people keep saying i have real child bearing hips and these new hormones is making me want to have one. Can this day get any more weird? 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

A Long Afternoon 4

"Oh god yes!! This feels sooooo goooood!!" moaned Chris as he continued pleasuring his pussy. "I can't believe how tight and sensitive this pussy is. I can't stop!" Chris exclaimed after reaching his fourth orgasm. When Chris had found Sandra's vibrator under her side of the bed, he was hesitant in using it. After a few hours of ogling himself in the mirror naked he couldn't help but test it out. "I..F-feel myself..coming again!! OHHHH!!" moaned Chris. Unaware to Chris, Josh Sandra's boyfriend stands watching his apparent girlfriend  masturbating on the kitchen floor. "Need some help with that?"

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Anything For You

My first request cap. Hope y'all enjoy. especially Elle. Check out her blog http://w8z2x4m.blogspot.com.au/?zx=2966b1b074073eb6

"Does this please you master?" asked Elle as she stood tied together. "Oh yes. absolutely my dear. You're gorgeous" said Tom as he tied her dick together. As the ropes tighten all over her she moaned, breast heaving up and down. "Oh let me please you more master." begged Elle as she bent down lifting her bubble butt in the air. "I think you earned it my sweet." Tom said as he began caressing Elle's breast. The touch sent warm sensations throughout her body. The heat and tension building up within her and her hard on. "I..b-believe..I-I'm r-ready f-fo-for your love now m-master." Moaned Elle. She was so caught in pleasure that she didn't realize Tom was steadily easing her cock into a warm slit. "You'll be best to please me more with a nice warm pussy my dear." Tom said kissing Elle passionately on the lips. "I-sure hope-so my love. 

A Long Afternoon 3

"Man, i can't seem to get my hands off these delicious breast. They're just so nice and big." Chris said. Ever since Chris used that spell to hop inside his busty neighbors body, he couldn't get out of the mirror. "But something's missing...something i haven't done yet." Chris pondered. Just then, a nearby cell phone ranged. "Hello?" answered Chris. "Hey babe, i'm coming home from work. Can't wait to ravish that sexy body of yours. see you then." "Wow,..so that's what her boyfriend sounds like; interesting." said Chris as his nether lips began growing warm. "Oh i knew what i was missing!! i haven't pleasured myself yet." Said Chris as he began fondling his tits again. "Wonder if Sandra has any..toys? mmm..."

Monday, January 30, 2017

A Long Afternoon 2

Wow I er- Sandra sure is stacked. I have to thank whoever posted that spell online. I can't get enough of this view and these enormous titties. I wouldn't mind staying in here for a bit haha. Hmm..i wonder if she's dating anyone? From these new memories it seems Josh is the lucky fellow. Should i call him? I should; better to experience it then never right? 

A Long Afternoon

"Oh man i still can't believe that i'm inside Sandra's body." said Chris in disbelief. Last week Chris was just surfing the web bored out of his mind, Until he came across a website that had a spell to be able to hop into another persons body. Being the curious guy that he is he decided to recite the spell and he felt a tingling feeling inside him. As he did, he also noticed that Sandra was getting ready for bed. "Gee, Sandra sure is a hot woman." thought Chris. Soon, he started to lift off the ground and flew right out his window. In just a quick moment he was looking right out a window but instead of from in his room it was Sandra's and in her body. "This is crazy. I wonder how long this'll last. but..I may only get this one chance to see her body in all its glory." said Chris with a sly smile. "This may get interesting."

Sunday, January 29, 2017

A wondrous gift

"Ohh yess this feels so good" cooed Shawn. Shawn had a gift of possessing other peoples bodies. He discovered this power when he fell asleep in study hall as he started to float above his body. Shocked, he tried going back in but misfired and landed in his classmate Andrew. Took him awhile to get out but now he knew how to project his spirit out in a matter of seconds. "Ok so who to nab first?" he wondered until he saw his sexy neighbor Janice. "Perfect!" he said and he wasted no time flying into her body. As Janice convulsed, he started to regain sight and laugh. "it worked! oh gosh it really worked" Shawn said in Janice's sweet voice. As he went into her house, he wasted no time at all ripping off her blouse and caressing his new tits. "I can learn to love it in here. Too bad it's only for a few hours." said Shawn. Unbeknownst to him, it'll take a while longer for him to leave her skin since he still is new to his ability 


The Magic Stones 2

Oh I'm loving these stones. Last week i was given a box of stones from a elder lady. kind lady too. soon, i was a busty redhead woman. I decided to test these stones powers and picked up a brown one. and now i look like this. curly hair, and a nice figure. I'm even amazed at how my clothes i had on changed as well. Time for a real test drive; going to see how the other half lives *giggle* wish me luck.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Magic Stones Part 1

One day I was walking from work on my way home when I notice a store that I've never seen before. As I went in I seen all things magic that one can find in reading fantasy books. Just then an old woman stopped me telling me that I'm her first customer ever so she presented me with a box of different colored stones. "These stones have very magic properties. Do take them with absolute care." she said as she waved me off. I get back home and open the box. There are so many stones with distinct colors and shapes. I go to pick up one of them then the red stone began to glow bright. As I picked it up, a bright red light engulfed me. My whole body changed within seconds. My body hair recede back into my arms, I started to lose my fat as it pushed inside of me and made its way to my chest. I felt my dick slithering up inside me as my organs rearranged themselves. With a sudden pop my dick was replaced with a wet pussy. As the changes continued, I can feel long hair cascading over me and as my voice and face started changing I knew that this was the last thing. As I looked at the mirror I seen the most stunning woman in my life. She looked to be my twin or something. As my suit started falling it was clear I needed some new clothes luckily my girlfriend left some of her stuff here and they fit my new form. I think I may have some fun with these stones but first things first; time to get more acquainted with this new body of mine


Thursday, January 12, 2017

A Broken Promise

 David had promised his neighbor Sandra that he won't do anything in her body but watch how he eats and no drinking alcohol since she's or rather he's pregnant. But that was soon over when Sandra's husband Richard came home early and soon, David's new hormones got the better of him and they ended up having sex. "Oh god, this is so wrong but it feels so good." moaned David. Not realizing that sex traps him in Sandra's body for good. Not that he's worried in anyway.