Saturday, April 15, 2017

A One Time Thing

"Holy crap. Did we just-" asked Sean. "Have sex? yep and i'm not gonna lie, it was incredible." said Chris breathing in satisfaction. Both friends Sean and Chris weren't like this to begin with. They were once college students on their way to becoming top game designers but then the Great Shift swept over the nation causing multiple people to swap bodies with others around the globe causing mayhem and hysteria. Most of everyone weren't happy except Sean and Chris. While Sean was still male when he swapped Chris however wasn't. He got swapped with a girl from Las Vegas. It took them a month before they were able to see each other again due to the fact that airlines stopped working until the whole swap was revised. Soon, they did meet and it was an instant click for them as their new bodies were attracted to each other."This...was just a one time thing ok." said Sean while looking up at the ceiling. "Agreed."  Chris said. While they said that they both smiled at each other and Chris thinking how great it felt and hoping that this isn't just a one time thing


  1. "... "But, you know, dude," continued Chris as 'her' joyful smile turned into an impish grin and her sparkling eyes wandered down Sean's new male form - along with Chris' delicate left hand - to watch and feel 'her' best friend's more robust member stir under Chris' feminine touch, "I'm not ready for this 'one time' to be over yet, and it doesn't look like your 'thing' is done doing mine!" the breathy voice of Chris' new body noted before 'she' leaned-in to give 'her' friend a passionate kiss.

    'She' broke their lip-lock suddenly and began to shift so that 'her' perky breasts dragged over Sean's bare chest while Chris squirmed 'her' lithe form, mentioning, "We sort of rushed into that first round, dude. And there's so much more that we really ought to try before we can call it a proper 'first time'."

    Chris giggled slightly and let 'her' tongue trace a circle around the head of Sean's - now fully erect - manhood while 'her' legs spread as 'she' pushed the slick, silken slit between them towards Sean's waiting mouth. There was a feminine, lust-filled moan as the man flicked lightly and tentatively at his friend's pussy, then Chrissy's lurched to straddle Sean as her mouth enveloped his rod and her hips bucked against his face!

    Through the euphoria of their continued, mutual explorations Chrissy's thoughts could not help forming the conclusion that this was truly just a 'one-time' thing! And later, as her breath returned after riding riding Sean to a simultaneous, mind-numbing explosion inside her yearning womanhood, Chrissy whispered in her lover's ear, "Just a one, lifelong thing, right, Sean?"

    The man guided his new girlfriend to look lovingly into her eyes and whispered back, "Absolutely, my love!" Then he pulled Chrissy into their most-passionate kiss yet and began thrusting his still-engorged member into her overflowing orifice. ..."

    Okay, hon; So I'm a sap for happy endings...or beginnings!

    1. Oh i can see that lol. But nice epilogue. I was wondering which direction u were gonna go

    2. Well, Wolfie, it's always a good bet that I'll aim towards the "happy ending", since I am, at heart, a romantic!.. Kinky. Twisted. Lusty. And, a lesbian-preference/omni-sexual, but one who loves a love story nonetheless!