Saturday, September 26, 2015


Ultimate Adventure 2


Oh yes. I really do look hot. After my play time in my sexy crush's body I decided to go ahead and see who else I can become. I thought about it for awhile and decided to be my sister's friend Ashley. She was really pretty. It wasn't any trouble taking a pic of her in my previous form. So here I am now in my new body taking a nice selfie before dipping in the hot tub. Later I think I'll call up Ryan. For some reason his name just popped into my head; I geeting her memories as well? hmmm interesting lets see how this goes. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Hey guys!! I'm back. Sorry if I haven't been doing anything lately. I've been tons of busy. But now I'm going to try to make some before Christmas.

So without any further a do; here's a new series I'm creating:

An Ultimate Adventure


"Oh snap! this app actually works!!" yelled Alex. Last week Alex had updated his phone and with the update a new app was installed. It was called The Ultimate App. With it he was able to transform into anyone as long as he got a picture of them. On his way back from school he took a pic of his crush Amanda. "Awesome, now to see if this can work." As he hit the blue button everything went white and he notice his whole body was off. "Whoa head rush!!" Oh! it really worked!! Alex said as he ran his hands up his body cupping his breast. " interesting. Wonder who else I can be?" oh maybe my neighbor Kelly; yeah...she'll do. But first, I'm going to explore my new flesh."