Monday, August 21, 2017

Rocking Your World- Request

Long time friends Matt and Randy were fans of the hit cartoon The Flintstones ever since they were kids. Their college was hosting a costume party and the theme is caveman. "We need costumes for this party dude. I can't wait to get my party on." Matt said excited. "I got it all covered." Randy said tossing a suit at Matt. They were costumes but not what Matt would've thought. "Female bodysuits?" "Yeah man, the shop were out of male ones so he gave me the next best thing." Randy said putting it on. Within moments, there was no trace of Randy left but a tall redhead with a big pearl necklace. "Whoah!! you" "I know" Randy said twirling around. As Matt placed himself inside the suit, his whole body shifted to fit the suit and within moments, he was a woman. "Oh wow..this feels nice." he said admiring his new face. "It gets better my friend." Randy said as he pushed Matt down onto the bed and started to rub his new clit. " gooood..." moaned Matt as he grabbed his breast. "Forget about the party. tonight i'm gonna rock your world" giggled Randy as he continued licking Matt's nether lips.