Monday, January 30, 2017

A Long Afternoon 2

Wow I er- Sandra sure is stacked. I have to thank whoever posted that spell online. I can't get enough of this view and these enormous titties. I wouldn't mind staying in here for a bit haha. Hmm..i wonder if she's dating anyone? From these new memories it seems Josh is the lucky fellow. Should i call him? I should; better to experience it then never right? 

A Long Afternoon

"Oh man i still can't believe that i'm inside Sandra's body." said Chris in disbelief. Last week Chris was just surfing the web bored out of his mind, Until he came across a website that had a spell to be able to hop into another persons body. Being the curious guy that he is he decided to recite the spell and he felt a tingling feeling inside him. As he did, he also noticed that Sandra was getting ready for bed. "Gee, Sandra sure is a hot woman." thought Chris. Soon, he started to lift off the ground and flew right out his window. In just a quick moment he was looking right out a window but instead of from in his room it was Sandra's and in her body. "This is crazy. I wonder how long this'll last. but..I may only get this one chance to see her body in all its glory." said Chris with a sly smile. "This may get interesting."

Sunday, January 29, 2017

A wondrous gift

"Ohh yess this feels so good" cooed Shawn. Shawn had a gift of possessing other peoples bodies. He discovered this power when he fell asleep in study hall as he started to float above his body. Shocked, he tried going back in but misfired and landed in his classmate Andrew. Took him awhile to get out but now he knew how to project his spirit out in a matter of seconds. "Ok so who to nab first?" he wondered until he saw his sexy neighbor Janice. "Perfect!" he said and he wasted no time flying into her body. As Janice convulsed, he started to regain sight and laugh. "it worked! oh gosh it really worked" Shawn said in Janice's sweet voice. As he went into her house, he wasted no time at all ripping off her blouse and caressing his new tits. "I can learn to love it in here. Too bad it's only for a few hours." said Shawn. Unbeknownst to him, it'll take a while longer for him to leave her skin since he still is new to his ability 


The Magic Stones 2

Oh I'm loving these stones. Last week i was given a box of stones from a elder lady. kind lady too. soon, i was a busty redhead woman. I decided to test these stones powers and picked up a brown one. and now i look like this. curly hair, and a nice figure. I'm even amazed at how my clothes i had on changed as well. Time for a real test drive; going to see how the other half lives *giggle* wish me luck.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Magic Stones Part 1

One day I was walking from work on my way home when I notice a store that I've never seen before. As I went in I seen all things magic that one can find in reading fantasy books. Just then an old woman stopped me telling me that I'm her first customer ever so she presented me with a box of different colored stones. "These stones have very magic properties. Do take them with absolute care." she said as she waved me off. I get back home and open the box. There are so many stones with distinct colors and shapes. I go to pick up one of them then the red stone began to glow bright. As I picked it up, a bright red light engulfed me. My whole body changed within seconds. My body hair recede back into my arms, I started to lose my fat as it pushed inside of me and made its way to my chest. I felt my dick slithering up inside me as my organs rearranged themselves. With a sudden pop my dick was replaced with a wet pussy. As the changes continued, I can feel long hair cascading over me and as my voice and face started changing I knew that this was the last thing. As I looked at the mirror I seen the most stunning woman in my life. She looked to be my twin or something. As my suit started falling it was clear I needed some new clothes luckily my girlfriend left some of her stuff here and they fit my new form. I think I may have some fun with these stones but first things first; time to get more acquainted with this new body of mine


Thursday, January 12, 2017

A Broken Promise

 David had promised his neighbor Sandra that he won't do anything in her body but watch how he eats and no drinking alcohol since she's or rather he's pregnant. But that was soon over when Sandra's husband Richard came home early and soon, David's new hormones got the better of him and they ended up having sex. "Oh god, this is so wrong but it feels so good." moaned David. Not realizing that sex traps him in Sandra's body for good. Not that he's worried in anyway.