Friday, May 26, 2017

The Magic Stones 5

It's been a week since last i used one of those pesky stones. Hard to believe that being in that blonde form seemed to feel really good but i decided to change back since i didn't have control of any of my actions due to that crazy sex drive. So now i chose a weird rectangular one and wham! I look like this now. I'm glad my girlfriend is out of town or else i would have to come up with another excuse as to how many women are coming and going out of the house. that Derrick? why is he here? and why is he staring at my butt? Yes i know i have a cute little ass but..hey! don't take off your pants..well..since you're here and all and..I'm like this for like a few weeks..lets do it! hope your well hung like the girls said at the mall.

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