Monday, June 11, 2018

Naughty Neighbor

Simon couldn't believe that he was getting a blowjob from his sexy neighbor Mrs. Marshall but unbeknownst to him, his gay friend Michael was inhabiting Susan. After Michael had found a body swap spell online he took the best chance to switch with one person he knew his best friend had a huge crush on. "Ohh Mrs. Marshall, you are so good at this." moaned Simon. "mmm I've had plenty practice sweetie." purred Michael blowing his friend. 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Payment Is Due (Request Cap)

Jack was your typical con man. tricking casual citizens to big time money makers. Jack had conned his way across the country but this one in particular may just be his last. On his way to his hotel room in Vegas he spotted a show girl and being the sly con man he is, gave the show girl a necklace claiming it's real gold. After she had found out it wasn't and turned her neck green. Angry, she uttered some Latin words and stormed off. Confused, Jack left to his room. Feeling tired he drew himself a hot bath. As the water touched his skin, he fell into a deep sleep After a while upon waking up, Jack felt a weird sensation where his dick should be. "What the? what happened to me?!" questioned Jack covering his mouth hearing his new voice. After quick inspection, he noticed that his whole body has been turned into that of a busty show girl. "How could this be?" Just then Jack spots a bottle of champagne and his eyes lit up. "Well now, can't let this tasty thing go to waste." Unbeknownst to Jack, his new body has a few more surprises in stored for him as he will be a show girl and escort to some sleazy con man.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Rocking Your World- Request

Long time friends Matt and Randy were fans of the hit cartoon The Flintstones ever since they were kids. Their college was hosting a costume party and the theme is caveman. "We need costumes for this party dude. I can't wait to get my party on." Matt said excited. "I got it all covered." Randy said tossing a suit at Matt. They were costumes but not what Matt would've thought. "Female bodysuits?" "Yeah man, the shop were out of male ones so he gave me the next best thing." Randy said putting it on. Within moments, there was no trace of Randy left but a tall redhead with a big pearl necklace. "Whoah!! you" "I know" Randy said twirling around. As Matt placed himself inside the suit, his whole body shifted to fit the suit and within moments, he was a woman. "Oh wow..this feels nice." he said admiring his new face. "It gets better my friend." Randy said as he pushed Matt down onto the bed and started to rub his new clit. " gooood..." moaned Matt as he grabbed his breast. "Forget about the party. tonight i'm gonna rock your world" giggled Randy as he continued licking Matt's nether lips.   

Thursday, August 17, 2017

A Leap In Time (Request cap)

Mark (15) was a proud scientist who specializes in inventing weird futuristic technology. One day he had created a mobile time machine able to transfer himself into any time he puts in but only inside of a random persons body to blend in with that specific era. He decided to try the timeline of the year 1884. As Mark dialed in the time and hit start, he was soon blinded with a red light. Next thing he heard was loud cars honking and a warm sun beaming on him. "Whew, that was a-" he cut himself off at the sound of his voice. "Where am I and why am i a woman?" unbeknownst to young Mark but he had been placed inside of his mothers body in the 80's but not just in her body but pregnant as well. "Holy crap this is insane. I can't be pregnant! I don't have a clue as to how to give birth!" he shouted frantically.  As he tried to get back to his own time and body he forgot that he had set the transporter to a whole year and from the look of his belly his due date is sure to come. "This really sucks." Mark said while carefully walking not wanting to fall due to his new center of gravity.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

A Rude Awakening ( Request Cap)

Upon waking up, Alan had no idea what happened to him. Before he had blacked out he was at a bar with his buddies when he met this hot blonde woman. As a gentleman he insisted on buying her a drink which she gladly accepted. after a bit of talking, she had slipped something in his glass then walked away. After that experience he soon got drowsy and fell asleep. Now upon waking up he noticed some changes to himself and his surroundings. his body was drastically changed to that of a woman and in what looked like bondage. Not being able to talk or scream for help all that came out were muffles and moans which was due to a vibrator wand rubbing against his new clit. "Welcome to your punishment Alan or shall i say Alice." cooed a woman standing nearby. it was the woman from the bar. "As soon as you're done prepping, I'll have you ready for the main course." she said as she gently lifted her dress and to Alice's surprise was an immensely big rod which absentmindedly made Alice's new body to grow wet. She was in for a rude awakening in her punishment.   

Monday, July 3, 2017

A Hoppers Adventure 2

"Well hello again girls. you miss me?" Mark said in his new feminine voice. Just last week he had practiced using his new powers to hop into different people's bodies by testing it out on his mom fooling his family entirely. He then decided to try and go far with his ability by thinking of his sisters friend Ashley. It was real easy for him to do that since he seen her come over yesterday. "Wow, i can't get enough of the rush i get when i hop a girls body hahaha." Mark said while tugging at his workout bra. "Time to go for a run eh Ashley? 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Magic Stones 6- Finale


Ohhh.. where is it? where is that stone. I figured using that dark red stone would be fun but now; I can't be stuck looking like this!! I mean, true it was fun looking like this but, being a 20 something woman for the rest of my life, no thanks. You have to help me find it Jack. "But is it really so bad? that dress fits you so well and you do look hot." think so? Maybe this won't b so bad after all.