Saturday, April 15, 2017

A One Time Thing

"Holy crap. Did we just-" asked Sean. "Have sex? yep and i'm not gonna lie, it was incredible." said Chris breathing in satisfaction. Both friends Sean and Chris weren't like this to begin with. They were once college students on their way to becoming top game designers but then the Great Shift swept over the nation causing multiple people to swap bodies with others around the globe causing mayhem and hysteria. Most of everyone weren't happy except Sean and Chris. While Sean was still male when he swapped Chris however wasn't. He got swapped with a girl from Las Vegas. It took them a month before they were able to see each other again due to the fact that airlines stopped working until the whole swap was revised. Soon, they did meet and it was an instant click for them as their new bodies were attracted to each other."This...was just a one time thing ok." said Sean while looking up at the ceiling. "Agreed."  Chris said. While they said that they both smiled at each other and Chris thinking how great it felt and hoping that this isn't just a one time thing

My Time As Amy 2

Well hello there my dears. Sorry i haven't been active over past weeks; after my first hop inside Amy i couldn't help myself to further enjoy this new experience. I been hopping back and forth in her body after classes. It's like my second body haha. Right now i'm at a hotel she was at and i hopped her just in time to relax. I just love how this dress really shows my  huge tits. Oh, i see my next one night stand. Ta-ta for now my peeps enjoy your day, i know i will *giggle*

Friday, March 24, 2017

A New Experience

"Wow this is so unreal! I'm inside Jennifer's body." Seth said surprised. Seth was your average nerd. but seemed to have a huge crush on Jennifer the school's captain on the girls swim team. Try as he might, he just couldn't get her to notice him. As he was walking through the halls he had spotted Jennifer walking to the girls locker room getting ready when suddenly he felt his whole being being pulled by itself and to Jennifer. As he screamed in a panic Jennifer turned just in time to where Seth was flung right inside of her body. As she convulsed, Seth regained his new eyesight to Jennifer's friend Sasha snapping her fingers at her. "Hey Jen snap out of it. We're gonna be late for practice." 'Oh uh..right. lets go." Seth said while pawing at his new chest. "This could be an amazing experience. I better not blow my cover." thought Seth.

Monday, March 13, 2017

A Friends Program Part 2

A big thanks for my friend Elle-Jay for sending me this second part of my caption of A Friends Program. Be sure to check her blog out peeps

Friday, March 3, 2017

A Long Afternoon 5: Finale

"OOOHHHH YESSS!!! More..fill me more.." moaned Chris. When Josh walked in on Chris earlier pleasuring himself he had took the apparent Sandra with him to the bedroom for some action but Chris in mid lust wanted him now more than ever and soon,, Chris was on top letting Josh's hard member sink deep into his wet vulva feeling the warmth of his shaft inside him. "I..can' this..f-feels sooo goood." Chris moaned as he reached his third orgasm, As Josh cum inside Chris, his field of vision blurs as he was filled with Josh's hot seed he passed out from the orgasm later to wake up back in his room but which room.

A friends Program

When Elle showed me this new software on her computer called Shape-me i was a little worried about it. That was until i tested it out and gave myself bigger muscles and thin instead of fat. Then i got curious and decided to change my gender along with bigger sized breast, long hair, and the whole sex appeal. Though my mind is still a guys mind, i can't help but think how hot i look. Oh, there's Elle's friend Ben; why is my pussy getting wet?

Saturday, February 25, 2017

My Time As Amy

Good day my viewers. As you can see I'm inside the very own Amy. I realized that Chris can't have all the fun in the story loving it up in her body so i took the time to practice that spell he had and went to take her body for a test drive myself. I must say i really do love these big jugs hahaha. I will still do more with her and Chris in the future but meanwhile, I'm gonna explore this body to its fullest on my own. Ta-ta for now.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

A Bet's A Bet

"Simon!! what on earth are you doing?!" shouted Anna in her young boy voice. "Oh, I'm just having some wine and taking a nice bubble bath before my date with Rick.." Simon said as he downed the last of his drink. "Wait you're what?!" Anna asked shocked. "That's right. We have to keep up appearances don't we?" Simon said rubbing his tits. Both Simon and  his mom Anna decided to make a bet to see who could do who's life better. Anna couldn't keep up with Simon's classes and getting in trouble by bullies aside from Simon as he enjoyed being his mom in working at her job and not having to go to school. "But you can't, that was supposed to be my date." Anna said tears forming. "Oh silly Simon, boys don't date other boys. Now let your mother finish her bath now ok?" Simon said as he waved off his crying mother. "I'm never giving this body back anytime soon. It feels so nice in here. I gotta get Rick to come in me to seal me in here." Thought Simon.

The Magic Stones 3

I can't believe it. Just yesterday I had used another of my stones; it was a nice deep red color and i was soon looking like one of my mom's friends. Thinking it was cool i tried to meet up with her and see how this new perspective treats me. Imagine my surprise when i started to get a pain in my stomach. Turns out i have a period and now i can't change back until this cycle is over. What's worse, people keep saying i have real child bearing hips and these new hormones is making me want to have one. Can this day get any more weird? 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

A Long Afternoon 4

"Oh god yes!! This feels sooooo goooood!!" moaned Chris as he continued pleasuring his pussy. "I can't believe how tight and sensitive this pussy is. I can't stop!" Chris exclaimed after reaching his fourth orgasm. When Chris had found Sandra's vibrator under her side of the bed, he was hesitant in using it. After a few hours of ogling himself in the mirror naked he couldn't help but test it out. "I..F-feel myself..coming again!! OHHHH!!" moaned Chris. Unaware to Chris, Josh Sandra's boyfriend stands watching his apparent girlfriend  masturbating on the kitchen floor. "Need some help with that?"