Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Little Privacy

"Mom, a little privacy please!!" Yelled Jack(16). "Sorry hon, I forgot to knock." Said Jack's mom. Things have been crazy since the role exchanger hit Jack's neighborhood. When it first struck, Jack swapped ages with a 28 year old lifeguard, switched genders with his aunt Carol, and hair and fashion sense of a model. He was about to shower until his mom who had swapped genders with Mr.Anderson. "when can she realize that since I,m a woman now I'm going to need privacy if I want to get better aquainted with my new body." Thought Jack adjusting his bra in the mirror.

Monday, August 25, 2014

A Wonderous Gift

I really need to thank whoever sent me this gift. I was your average joe; going to college,dating my girlfriend, and loving my job. Until one day I get a medalion in the mail with some clothes in a box. I picked up the clothes to examine them and then I felt a sharp prick in my hand. I thought it was nothing but took a look at the medalion which was glowing. In the midst of the glowing, my body began to stretch and grow in many different ways. It felt like my bones were being broken inside of me. Long brown hair cascaded down my back, my lips became plump, and I felt a sudden softness in my chest and butt along with my skin. After the glow subsided and the pain in my face had stopped, I looked in awe of how beautiful I looked. It's been a month since my transformation had changed my life. My girlfriend has now been known as my best friend and she has been a very good one while helping me transotion. Now, who wants to take a dip in the pool with me?

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Is This A Dream?

"Oh my god this can't be real! I must be dreaming." Mike said looking into the mirror. Just last week Mike was chatting with a girl in a bar tying to go home with her. She agreed and after a couple shots of tequeila, they were in bed with each other. That's when Mike woke up the next day looking
Like this. "I need to find out whp this person is seeing how this isn't a dream at all." Mike said rummaging what looks like the girls bag

Sunday, August 17, 2014

My Shape-Shifting Journey part 4

It's been a month since I realized about my shape-shifting powers and how far I can go with my ability. Just last week I morphed into my cousin and had some real fun in her body. Even my friend tried to ask me out hahaha. But after that past month, I decided to take a chance and morph into my sexy neighbor Rachel again. After that first time transforming into her, it gave me a certain love of being her like it was my second body. So, a month passed and I have been stuck as Rachel after taking notice that I couldn't turn back into my old self. My parents were supportive of this predicament especially mom. But since I loved being in her body I adjusted really well. Now I'm off to a pool party with my friends. Hmmmm... wonder if Jake will like this bikini? It sure makes me look hot *giggle*

Saturday, August 9, 2014

My Shape-Shifting Journey part 3

"Oh hey Jake what took you so long?" Ryan said smiling. "Dang man, when you told me on the phone that you had shape-shifting powers I thought you was lying. But look at you now, your hot!!" Jake said eyeing Ryan's breast. "Thanks." giggled Ryan. "So how long until your parents get back?" asked Jake. "They left a message on the phone saying that they'll be back on Saturday afternoon so I have the rest of today and tomorrow afternoon to enjoy my weekend shifting. This rocks!!" said Ryan squeezing his breast. "Yeah so Ryan...since you've been so accustomed to your new body, have you had sex yet?" Jake asked nervously. Ryan blushed in embarrassment of that question. "Um no,not really why?" asked Ryan. "Well how about a good friend show you the great wonders of a girls body." Jake said inching closer to Ryan. As Jake's gesture entered Ryan's mind, his knees began wobbling and his crotch became wet with anticipation. I don't believe this, I'll really get to see what sex is really like and not by no stranger but with my best friend. I just have to sound not so needy about this even though this body is very horny. Thought Ryan. "So is it ok?" asked Jake. "Oh yes yes yes!! I've been dying for someone to ask." Ryan said happily. I could have sounded less horny but oh well he's looking quite sexy in my eyes *giggle*

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Change Up

"Oh, hey mom how was school today?" asked Brian. "It was hell! I don;t know how you do it but I want my body back now. Switch us back." demanded Vicky. "No way mom, I'm having a blast." said Brian squeezing his new breast. Last week, Brian found a bodyswap spell online and decided to change things up in his house. The morning he was going to school he recited the spell on his way to school and he woke up to find himself in his mom's body. "Yes it worked! Now to see how good this body feels in the shower." said Brian. "What happened to my bra!? why aren't you wearing one." asked Vicky. "My breast feels so good that I didn't want one on. Now, you best run along to do your homework son, my husband will be here to take us out for dinner and I want to look good. So best be on your good behavior or I'll send you to my mom's house." said Brian happily. Vicky just exhaled and went upstairs feeling defeated. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

My Shape-Shifting Journey part-2

So far having the ability to shape-shift is really starting to be fun. Last week I was this woman I found in a magazine and spent the whole week as her, buying some nice clothes, going to bars, and even messing with my friends which was pretty funny. Now, I decide to transform into my girlfriend Ashley since she's out of town for a few days. Since she gave me a copy of her key, I decided to go to her room and put on some clothes to head to the pool. "Man, having this power is going to be fun. I might see what my friend Jake is up too."

Friday, August 1, 2014

My Shape-shifting Journey part 1

It's funny, last year my parents told me that I have a special ability that runs in the family. Being able to shapeshift was only suppose to be in like movies or comics but it turns out it's quite real. So on my 15th birthday, my powers kicked in. One night I was just flipping through a magazine and spotted this hot blonde women wearing a red shirt and shorts. When I thinking how cool it would be to make out with her, my body started to change shape and weight. Instead of being the skinny but fit boy I was, I somehow transformed into the very women I was looking at in the magazine. I mad a rather high feminine scream and my mom rushed into the room. Seeing how I was she smiled and told me that my powers had kicked in today. Not sure how to turn back, I was stuck in this form for three weeks. After that time, I had changed back into myself. Given my new ability, I decided to use it when I'm bored or want to experiment which is now because my parents had left to go on vacation and this will give me the best opportunity to experiment how far my ability can take me so, time to see who I can be next.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A boring night

"Oh man this guy is so boring." complained Sean. Last week me and my friend Amber was sitting at home watching TV until she gets a call from her boyfriend. "Oh man, I really don't want to see him today. But I can't just cancel." she said. "Unless... Sean, can you go as me for tonight?" she asked leaning against his shoulder. "What, why? can't you just go?" asked Sean. "Because, one you get to look at my body naked at anytime you want to, and two, it's a free meal." Amber said. Well here I am listening to this guy talk nonstop about how he's going to take me to meet his parents later and then tell me how he benched pressed 200 without breaking a sweat. "Gosh, I'm going to need more wine if I ever want to stay awake at this crap. Amber you owe me big."   

Learning A Lesson

"Man, won't this punishment ever end? I mean, I didn't mean for this to happen." said Sam. Last month, Sam's mom was coming home feeling tired as usual. She saw how her son didn't finish the chores she left for him to do. "Sam I thought I told you to finish these chores when I left out today." said his mom. "Hey, I forgot because I had a ton of homework to do, then study for my History test. So now I need a little me time." Sam said sinking further into the sofa. "You know what, I've had it up to here with your whining saying how much work you be doing where I do more work for you. Well that ends now." said Sam's mom. She began to chant some weird Latin language and after a blinding light, Sam's vision began to clear until he felt a sudden shift in his body. "What did you do? Change us back!" screamed Sam. "No can do "Mom", now your the mom with the pains and aches with the baby on the way and I'm the son with a decent education." said Sam's mom as she left to go play with her new equipment. "Now I see why she's always tired after work. this pregnancy thing is killer. Well I can only hope that she'll turn me back." said Sam while rubbing his stomach.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Doing him a favor

"Ok so let me get this straight, You want me to go as your Co-worker to help get you this raise by your boss.?" asked Nathan. "Yep that's the plan." said Josh. "But why me? why do I have to do this if you could just ask Rachel herself." "Well, she's going to be out of town for a week and you're my best friend so... I took the time to transform you into a copy of her." said Josh. "I just hope he doesn't try anything funny because I packed pepper spray just in case." said Nathan as he walked to his car.

So far so good, Mr. Sheppard is close to giving Josh that raise. Earlier I had gotten transformed into our co-worker Rachel and had to go to work as her. I tell ya it's been a tricky trial. I almost blew my cover by flirting with Stacy only to find out that she was a lesbian, then I found out that I was sporting much more cleavage than I intended to do but it got the job done. Josh has his raise for next week and no one suspected  that I was acting weird. But to be honest... I pretty much would like to keep this body for a bit longer. I just got the jist of walking in heels and the weight of my chest. I'm just worried that the real Rachel will come back. Oh what the hell, Just another week in this body until Rachel gets back and I can get to know this body a bit better. "Mmm...I just love helping my friend out."  

Monday, July 28, 2014

CDMT part 4- finale

"Hey guys guess where I'm at?" Chris said in his high cute voice. "I'm at comic con! well almost there. I'm at the parking lot." Chris said. "Whoa really, that's awesome but you sound very familiar." Dylan said. "Well duh, I'm inside Megan Fox bro and her body is so comfortable." said Chris smiling ear to ear on the other end. "Well hope you have fun man." Oh I intend to. Bye Bye." Chris said hanging up his phone. "I can't help but feel guilty that I forgot to mention to them that the women in our bodies had all left in a frantic panic and one of them knocked down the device and it made a whizzing sound and stopped working. I'll tell them the news after I get some new outfits since I'll be in this sexy piece of meat for the time being." Chris said while entering the building.

CDMT part 3

"Where are they? I've been walking around this town for about an hour." said Manuel. Last week, Manuel was trying out the mind transfer device that Dylan had brought. Unknowingly, he set the settings to random and pressed the start button. As he regained vision he seen what body he swapped with. "Holy %$@#! I'm Olivia Wilde. Awesome." screamed Manuel. That was two hours ago. Now, Manuel is out searching for is friends. "I have a feeling that they guys had got their new bodies. Hmmm, I'll try looking in that little restaurant." said Manuel. Just as he sat down, he saw Nicki Minaj and Jessica Simpson sitting in a aisle near a window. "Guys,is that you? You're all hot! yelled Manuel. As the three friends all began talking about how they spent their time in their new bodies, Dylan got a call from Chris.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

CDMT Part 2

"Oh wow, I don't believe this. First I find out that Dylan swapped minds with Nicki Minaj and had a blast partying and now I try the device out and I get Jessica Simpsons body sweet." said Matthew admiring his new body in the mirror. "I wonder how the others bodies are doing." Just then, Matthew got a call from his friend. "Hello, Dylan!, you sound so weird as Nicki." Yeah, I'll still be here. I'm sure I won't be going anywhere." Matthew said looking at his reflection.

Friday, July 25, 2014

CDMT 1B- Dylan

"Ok, this could work. This can really work." said Dylan (16) Dylan here was the first to try out the mind transfer device since he was the one who bought it. "Man, being in Nicki Minaj's body is so wild! my butt even looks good in this thing hahaha." said Dylan looking over what he was wearing in the mirror. "I wonder how Nicki is doing in my bod. Hope she isn't freaking out. Ah who cares, time to see what's under all this clothing. I'm getting wet just looking at my own ass and breast." said Dylan.

CDMT part 1A

So yesterday I came to this here shop after school that sells quite decent artifacts and gadgets. Imagine my surprise when I spot this here cool looking helmet. Clerk tells me that this is a mind transferring device that will only swap with celebrities. I ask him the duration of the swap. He tells me about a week per use. I pay for it and show it to my friends Chris, Manuel, and Matthew. Instructions say to strap on helmet and input what celebrity you want to swap with and I have a pretty good idea who I want to swap with.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

CDMT( Celebrity Mind Transfer Device)

The first part of a series that I'm doing
Here we go!!
First part of a new series by me is going to be uploaded tomorrow.
So, email me your ideas of types of celebrities you want me to use (preferably female or male I don't care)

Not What I Had In Mind

The Great Shift was not so much fun for many people like John here. Last week John(23) was with his friends at a bar watching the game until he felt a big shake something like an earthquake. Soon, everything started to rumble and the lights cut off. When John woke up, he felt very odd. "...My head, where am I?Last thing I remembered was me and my friends were at the bar watching the game then an earthquake came an-" before John could finish, he caught how his voice sounded. "Why do I have an accent and why do I feel so heavy and bloated?" wondered John. By just a quick look into the mirror of his new home, he found out that he was in the body of Sofia Vergara but there was another big surprise. "And, I'm pregnant! oh man." whined John. Two weeks later, scientist told people on the news that the incident that happened is permanent, John came to accept his new fate and to better come to terms with his new self, is to go to his sister's birthday party. To John's surprise his little sister Amy was in the body of a very hot supermodel and his mom was in the body of a 14 year old boy with his dad in their neighbor Ruby who was very well endowed. "John hi, Happy Birthday to me!" squealed Amy hugging her pregnant brother. "Well, this wasn't what I had in mind about this party." said John

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Now Who's Having Fun Now?

"Oh hey Crystal didn't see you there. Hows your new life going huh?" said Jack. "I hate you you little shit!! Give me my body back now." yelled Crystal in her little kid voice. The two siblings Jack(13) and Crystal(19) were always butting heads. When Crystal had embarrassed Jack to his crush by telling her that he keeps porno mags in his room under his bed,  Jack made a plan to take revenge on his sister. Jack searched his room until he found his magic ring he got from the magic store after school. "Crystal, I wanna show you something come here." he said. "What is it, I have a pool party to go to." she said already in her blue bikini. "Call it, heads or tails." said Jack with a sly grin. "I don't know, tails."Crystal said. "Ha ha I won!" said Jack. Before Crystal could make a snotty remark, she started to get shorter as Jack grew taller. Eventually they both swapped into each other. "What, how you do that? why do I sound and look like you?" she said. "Ahhh sweet redemption little bro." said Jack squeezing his new boobs. "Now run along Jack, or do you want me to call Mom and say that you ran out the house on your own?" Crystal just held her tongue and walked back home feeling defeated.    

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

An Interesting Vacation

"Oh wow I looked pretty hot in this." said Dave as he took a picture of himself to send to his phone. Last month Dave came across a possession spell online that was guaranteed to work. "Sweet, I could actually possess people with this." said Dave. Dave had a huge crush on Kim Kardashian so he chose her for his own test drive. As Dave read the spell, his spirit had evaporated from his body and flew into the distant breeze leaving his body in a sleeping state. As his soul flew into a nearby hotel room in Miami, Dave flew right into Kim and bonded with her body. Kim made a jerk and gasp as if she had rose out of water and smiled. "I did it! I'm inside Kim Kardashian!" yelled Dave. "Hey Kim, you ready to go to the party or not?" asked a nearby girl. "Oh um just a few minutes." Dave said. "Well, time to show off this sexy body. Man this is going to be one very interesting vacation.