Friday, May 26, 2017

The Magic Stones 5

It's been a week since last i used one of those pesky stones. Hard to believe that being in that blonde form seemed to feel really good but i decided to change back since i didn't have control of any of my actions due to that crazy sex drive. So now i chose a weird rectangular one and wham! I look like this now. I'm glad my girlfriend is out of town or else i would have to come up with another excuse as to how many women are coming and going out of the house. that Derrick? why is he here? and why is he staring at my butt? Yes i know i have a cute little ass but..hey! don't take off your pants..well..since you're here and all and..I'm like this for like a few weeks..lets do it! hope your well hung like the girls said at the mall.

A Hoppers Adventure

"My er- I look hot." Mark said to himself while snapping a picture of himself. Mark isn't your average teenager. Deep down his family tree lay a small group of family members with the gift of hopping into another persons body. This ability of his came to light just on his 15th birthday. Without knowing, Mark's essence left his body and he began wondering the halls until his mom bumped into his soul which he then slipped right inside her. As his mom convulsed and vision came back to Mark, he now saw his own mothers reflection. "I must say..these boobs are pretty fun to look at...and play with." Mark said cupping one of his boobs in his new aged hand. "Bet i can fun with this little power. Seems like she was getting ready for bed and from the looks of this gown..i say she was ready to really unwind," he said with a sly grin, Marks adventure just began right here. 

Friday, May 12, 2017

Well Adjusted

"Mmmm.. I didn't know that i would love tea so much. I have to hand it to Rachel for doing this to me." David chimed. David and his wife Rachel loved almost anything that can bring their relationship to the next level. It just so happens that they uncovered the infamous reversal rings and in turn swapped their bodies. This was a year ago and David still lives on in his wife's body. "Turns out getting pregnant is a key way to getting stuck in our bodies babe." Rachel said while rubbing her husband now wife's stomach. "Yea..but i feel very good about it. And i bet our daughter is going to be a great addition to our lives."

A Special Gift

"Hey baby show me some more of that sexy body!!" know i wasn't always like this. Just a few weeks ago my friend Elle had sent me some sort of potion she was working on. Said it would give me a special outlook on life but not like this. Big tits, plump lips and this over sexed body. It was hard for me to get a regular job so i decided to get one as a porn star model thus bringing us back to here now. "Wendy when we're done here you have a special visitor here for you." And who would that be? Wait, is that Elle?! 

Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Magic Stones 4

I'm telling you the truth it's really me in here. I picked up a odd looking stone and it turned me into this so i decided to take advantage of the situation. Not my fault that your boyfriend walked in on me while pleasuring myself and we ended up doing it. I'm positive i had nothing to do with that encounter. Now please hand me the stone back so i can turn back Lisa.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A Sexual Exploration ( Guest Cap)

( From the creative and sexy mind of Elle-Jae. Be sure to check out her blog viewers

"... "Seriously, dude!?!" came the deep voice from the pretty lips of the busty beauty. "You know that it's me; your male friend, L.J. in this body, right, Devin?" ... "Yeah, man. But those titties are amazing, man! You haven't even stopped playing with them since your transformation finished. And your face is so pretty, bro!" replied the man standing across the room. ... "I cannot believe you're so turned-on by me, man! But that bulg... What the hell are you doing, dude?!" ... "Just offering you what it looks like your body could use," said the man in a man's body as he pulled his cock out. ... "Fucking-A, man! You're already hard just looking at me?!" exclaimed the man in the woman's body as his friend stepped closer, unable to ignore the heat building inside his dampening pussy, before adding, "Look, Devin, I won't deny that I want to know what having my pussy fucked will feel like, but don't even think about cumming there...Okay!?" ...So, after several minutes of vigorous, vaginal verification in various & sundry position - and not a few grunting climaxes for the female male - Devin could no longer restrain himself. ... "Okay, bro! I gotta blow my load, like now!" The speed with which Elle-Jae hopped off his friend's pulsing pecker was remarkable! As was the volume of jizz that Devin spewed into his friend's pretty mouth and over his heaving breasts! ..."Hmnghlhurplhmnhm...SchluuP... Well, at least you kept it out of my pussy so, thanks for that dude! But, just to balance thing out here, why don;t you clean your mess off my tits!?"