Sunday, August 6, 2017

A Rude Awakening ( Request Cap)

Upon waking up, Alan had no idea what happened to him. Before he had blacked out he was at a bar with his buddies when he met this hot blonde woman. As a gentleman he insisted on buying her a drink which she gladly accepted. after a bit of talking, she had slipped something in his glass then walked away. After that experience he soon got drowsy and fell asleep. Now upon waking up he noticed some changes to himself and his surroundings. his body was drastically changed to that of a woman and in what looked like bondage. Not being able to talk or scream for help all that came out were muffles and moans which was due to a vibrator wand rubbing against his new clit. "Welcome to your punishment Alan or shall i say Alice." cooed a woman standing nearby. it was the woman from the bar. "As soon as you're done prepping, I'll have you ready for the main course." she said as she gently lifted her dress and to Alice's surprise was an immensely big rod which absentmindedly made Alice's new body to grow wet. She was in for a rude awakening in her punishment.   


  1. excellent story very interesting and very dark.

    I really loved the image you used but I cannot help wondering how much more Alice will have to take before the woman is truly satisfied she has punished him enough.

    1. well it could b awhile but I have a feeling that Alice will soon start to enjoy her new body after the punishment hahaha